Bachelor and Bachelorette Limo


Being in a bachelor (bachelorette) party isn’t about coming to San Francisco and waiting in long lines at a nightclub or ending up in some bar. It is about having a good time with your friends, having a great evening and arriving at your destination in class. At Alpha Limo, we want to be the ones to take you anywhere you want to go, and we want you to get there in style. Alpha Limo provides professional limousines and luxury car transportation to and from San Francisco and throughout the Bay area. We have an inclusive fleet of limos and offer top notch service at competitive rates. We have Hummers, Busses, Town Cars, SUV’s, Cadillac’s, Party Vans, with all the bells and whistles for your bachelor party experience. We know our way around town and know where all the hot spots are. We promise to be on time and we strive to offer excellent service.

A bachelor party is a party held for a bachelor shortly before he is married. Assuming the future groom behaves himself, this is the final opportunity for the bachelor to engage in naughty activities his wife might not approve of once they are married. Though looking at scantily clad women are common, if not the norm, the bachelor is still expected to remain faithful to his wife during the bachelor party. Though bachelor parties are often associated with strip clubs, bachelor parties do not always include strippers. Some bachelor parties are merely a great chance to see all of your male friends together again and bond. This might be the last opportunity to have all of your buddies together because once you are married your nights out may become few and far between. After you and the rest of your friends are married and start planning a family, settling down in the suburbs, or start moving away from each other. you may not see each other for a while. So try to make the most of your time together and Alpha Limo take you anywhere you need to go.

Many of our luxury stretch limos come equipped with DVD players, CD players and cable TV. Among our many services, Alpha  Limo offers considerate, certified drivers and timely service and will strive to meet your every wish. Just get in a Alpha  Limousine and tell your driver where you want to go. The night belongs to you and your friends as you kiss single hood goodbye.